Dallas, Texas - October 25-27
Based on the research of Brené Brown
Your story matters. The brave ending matters, too.
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One week to go! 
There are a few final days to sign up for a weekend that might change the how you think. Entirely.

Fans of Brené Brown, Daring Greatly and Rising Strong - here is a chance to do more with the content that moved you and that had you see a new side to wholeness, authenticity and personal strength. 

What can you expect from the weekend spent galavanting through fantastic content from Rising Strong™? Choosing this weekend is an investment, so we wanted you to know what to expect.

Author a new ending to your story when you join us!
What is the Rising Strong Process Exactly?
The goal of the process
 is to rise from our falls, overcome our mistakes, 
and face hurt in a way that brings more wisdom and wholeheartedness into our stories.

The Reckoning: 
Recognize emotion, and get curious about our feelings and how they connect with the way we think and behave.

The Rumble:
Get honest about the stories we're making up about our struggle, 
the challenge these confabulations and assumptions to determine what's truth, 
what's self-protection, and what needs to change if we want to
lead more wholehearted lives.

The Revolution:
Write a new ending to our story based on the key learnings from our rumble and 
use this new, braver story to change how we engage with the world and to
ultimately transform the way we 
live, love, parent, and lead.

Rising Strong, p. 37
Important Details
Three Daring Way™ Certified Facilitators lead you through the Rising Strong Curriculum. 
Own your story, build a new ending and make meaningful connections with others as you take steps beyond the book.
Go Beyond The Book
Make Rising Strong™ material real in your life. Learn about the power of rewriting your own story. 
Highly Experiential
The most frequent question Brené gets:
"How do I take what I'm learning about myself and actually change how I am living?"

Her answer:
"We move what you are learning from your head to your heart through your hands." 
Mark Your Calendar!
Join us in Dallas, Texas 
Friday October 25th - Sunday October 27th
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Do I have to have read Rising Strong™ before the Intensive?
No. Read the book if you would like to. It can help orient you to concepts in Rising Strong™ but you can definitely get plenty out of the weekend without a full read under your belt.
What is the difference between Daring Greatly™ and Rising Strong™?
Daring Greatly™ is a foundational understanding of shame, vulnerability, courage and what wholehearted living means. Rising Strong™ teaches these ideass and moves you through a specific story to help you understand and apply the concepts. You do not have to work the material in contagion. If Rising Strong™ is of interest and applicable to you, you will not be "behind" in understanding important concepts behind authenticity, showing up, being seen, and living brave.
Do you have any suggestions on where to stay?
Yes. Once you register, you will have a Members Area that contains information about food, hotels, etc. near where we are meeting.
Are there any extra things I can do to get ready for the Intensive?
Yes. As you move through the registration process, you will see a few fantastic options you could add to your experience.
Are the facilitators familiar enough with the material?
Yes! All three (3) leaders are Certified Daring Way™ Facilitators.
Learn More About Your Rising Strong™ Facilitators
Friends and colleagues, each with a unique appreciation for Brené Brown's work, Dr. Sally Falwell, Dianne Jones and Dr. Mary Beth Covert share a little bit about themselves and what Rising Strong™ means to them.. 

Interested in crafting a Rising Strong™ practice? Join us!
in Brené's words...

YOU MAY NOT HAVE signed up for a hero's journey, but the second you
fell down, you got your butt kicked, suffered a disappointment, 
screwed up, or felt your heart break, it started.
It doesn't matter whether we are ready for an 
emotional adventure-hurt happens.
And it happens to every single one of us. Without exception.

The only decision we get to make is what role we'll play in our own lives:
Do we want to write the story or do we want to hand that 
power over to someone else?

Brené Brown
Author of Rising Strong
We would love to have you join us!
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